On dating a pathological liar…

What’s wrong with me? I’m too trusting… too forgiving… and I definitely like to see the best in people…

So I guess that’s how I managed to let myself get hurt over and over again by one guy with serious issues.

It all started about six months ago. I had been dating another guy (Peter) whom I really liked, but once he’d told me definitively that he wasn’t interested in anything serious I realized I needed to start dating other men.

So, I went on a date with Leo. Leo was not a bad looking guy and the date was going along well enough, but then I got a text from Peter and decided to cut the date with Leo short to meet Peter at a bar.

I didn’t hear from Leo after that and although I was bothered by it I also didn’t really care, because I was hung up on Peter.

Weeks go by and I match with Leo again, on a different dating app. Leo tells me that he’d enjoyed our date and when I inquired as to why I didn’t hear from him afterwards he tells me he didn’t think I was into it, which in all fairness I wasn’t. However, since I knew I hadn’t given Leo a fair chance due to being hung up on Peter, I agree to a second date.

I had tickets to a baseball game and decided to invite Leo to come with me. We have a great time and I’m happy I gave this guy another chance. He tells me he’ll text me when he’s home, but I don’t hear from him…

Weeks later I get a text from Leo saying he misses me and wants to see me and is disappointed that I never responded to his last text. I’m confused because I never got a text and he tells me he was confused why I never responded.

We agree to another date and I drive out to his neighborhood where we end up at a really nice restaurant and have a great evening together.

The next time we’re supposed to meet my texts go unanswered. He tells me the next day that there was an emergency with his mother and he had to rush to the hospital, fine…

Our next scheduled date he blows me off the night of, making up some excuse that I no longer even remember.

At this point I tell him I’m done! I can’t date someone that’s constantly blowing me off, but he swears it wasn’t a blow off and asks to see me again.

The day comes for our next date and he’s rude and unwilling to meet me on my side of town. So I tell him if he doesn’t want to come see me then it’s not happening. He tries to apologies and schedule another date with me, but I tell him I can’t. He makes up some weird excuse about going through depression and being on medication, and at this point (truth or not) I ultimately decide I don’t want to deal with someone with mental health issues even though I do feel bad.

Months later I’m on another dating app, this time it’s Bumble, and I match with him again. Now I already know what you’re thinking! Why would I swipe right on this loser again?!? Well, this time it was more for curiosity sake because I wanted to see if he would likewise swipe right on me. The great thing about Bumble is the woman has to message the guy first, if not they have no way of contacting you. Surprisingly, or maybe it wasn’t much of a surprise, Leo finds me on my public Instagram page and direct messages me there:

Why did I continue this conversation??? I guess I felt that being a gambler was better than being manic depressive. And I guess I was hopeful that he was telling the truth and that maybe things would be different this time around.

We scheduled a date and he seemed so excited and interested in seeing me again:

I was excited and looking forward to catching up, until I get no response. And, silly me I think nothing of it at first. Hours go by and eventually I realize I’m being blown off, again!!!

My calls and texts are going straight to voicemail and I realize I’ve also been blocked. Go to send him a pissed off dm on insta, I’ve been blocked, but the idiot didn’t think to block me from my other profile:

You’d think that he’d give it a rest and that would be the last of it, but alas there’s more!!!! Hehe, don’t give me that look! At this point I find the whole situation hilarious. And no, I was not going to meet up with the guy at this point. And yes, all of my friends were telling me to block his ass. But I knew it’d make for a great story, and boy was I right:

So, I’m curious to hear what you all have to think! How dumb was I to give this guy so many chances? And what in the world is wrong with him? Gambling? Depression? Bipolar? Let me know what you think in the comments below!!!


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